Shawnee Taylor’s magnificent voice has thrilled me several times in recent years with tracks like Live Your Life and Where You Are, both arriving on the scene courtesy of the Erick Morillo-fronted Subliminal Records. Erick and crew use Shawnee often in their own productions, so it’s not surprising that Shawnee invited Erick’s newly [...]
Shawnee Taylor feat Sympho Nympho - Colors (Antranig Remix) [Subliminal]
One of the best tribal house producers is back in the game, and this time he wants us to Spank It! Antranig likes naming tracks after actions relating to the butt region–take Back That Up and Shake That Ass as examples. Given the booty-bouncing feel of his tracks, however, it’s likely you would perform those actions regardless of [...]
Antranig - Spank It! (Original Mix) [Sondos]
New York’s Antranig has been floating around the tech house scene for over a decade now, but he’s been coming back full force lately with a string of monster tribal-influenced releases that are sure to put him back on the map with a vengeance. I first heard new single Back That Up on longtime supporter Erick Morillo’s recent Pacha NYC [...]
Antranig - Back That Up (Original Mix) [Sondos]
Antranig - Won't Stop Rocking (Original Mix) [Sondos]
DJ Mog & Paul Kennedy feat The Stetz - Full Circle (Antranig Remix) [Nervous]
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