Snoop Lion just released a game-inspired music video for his track Get Away featuring Angela Hunte and produced by Major Lazer. The video features visuals inspired by Pokemon and other 8-bit video games, including what looks like a side-scrolling space shooter. Snoop has been known to play video games (and even appeared in a few, [...]
If you’re familiar with Don Diablo’s work, you’ll know that he’s well seasoned in both dance-y club music and straight up electro bangers. His latest EP, Lights Out EP, fuses those two elements with a bit of an aggressive edge, essentially allowing Diablo to do what he does best, while giving us something fresh to rage with. Lights Out [...]
Don Diablo feat Angela Hunte - Lights Out Hit (Short Version) [Sony]
Don Diablo feat Angela Hunte - Lights Out Hit (Hostage Remix) [Sony]
Don Diablo - The Golden Years (Short Version) [Sony]
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