Washington, DC area-based DJ/production duo SoySauce (Royal and “SoyBoy”) partner with comedian/rapper Andy Milonakis (pictured above) for their latest trap single Thug Panda. The funnyman’s ribald flow appears for only the last 54 seconds of the the production, but he’s definitely there. ​ The track itself is a progressive take on trap [...]
SoySauce feat. Andy Milonakis - Thug Panda (Original Mix)
Andy Milonakis is a 30-something year old with some weird aging superpower and mild mental handicaps in the funniest way possible. RiFF RaFF’s real name is Jody Highroller and he claims to be the greatest rapper alive. Dirt Nasty is dyslexic, apparently has auto-fellatio skills, and touts over 100,000 Twitter followers. And as for [...]
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