The behemoth that is now UKF Music has been filtering the best of bass-centric music coming out of Great Britain for a few years, with some astounding recent success. Having tied agreements with the top talent and labels around the country, UKF has assured that their name is, and will continue to be, a seal of quality. Which is why I’ve [...]
The Prototypes - Cascade (Cutline Remix) [UKF]
16bit - FRZR9000 (Original Mix) [UKF]
Terravita - And the Beat Goes On (Original Mix) [UKF]
It’s extremely unusual for me to not even know where to begin when writing up a post. Surprised? You won’t be after listening to these tracks. The list of reasons for my being speechless is quite lengthy, so let’s begin unraveling. Firstly, I have never heard of Terravita, the group behind the self-titled EP both of these tracks are [...]
Terravita feat Hot Pink Delorean - Whatever You Want (Original Mix) [Rottun]
Terravita - And The Beat Goes On (Original Mix) [Rottun]
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