A newcomer to the scene with a prolific output is always good news. Allen Watts has recently seen releases on some of trance’s most exciting labels and this is no exception. Fast Lane is the latest release on Bryan Kearney’s brilliantly named Kearnage Recordings and is another piece of pounding, uplifting, high-energy trance that [...]
Allen Watts - Fast Lane (Original Mix) [Kearnage]
Allen Watts - Fast Lane (Bryan Kearney Rework) [Kearnage]
There’s something rather comforting about the “underground” trance scene. It’s always familiar, yet there are always new and old faces, but the consistency is what makes it stand out. No where is this more true of late than labels like Monster Digital and producers like Allen Watts. There’s little information about him online, but there [...]
Allen Watts - Blackout (Original Mix) [Monster Digital]
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