Keeping up with the newest music releases can be quite challenging, and that’s why we here at LessThan3 strive to deliver the finest sounds right to your earholes. This process, however, often proves strenuous, although enjoyable. It involves listening to all the newest releases we can get our hands on, and then identifying which tracks [...]
J-Trick & Taco Cat feat. FERAL is KINKY - Jumanji (Original Mix) [Hussle]
Uberjak'd feat. Nuthin Under A Million - All I Need (Bomber) (Lady Bee Trap Mix) [Mixmash]
Doorly - Drongoism (Original Mix) [Toolroom]
We’ve really seen some awesome tech producers step up to the plate over the last year. Even electro god Wolfgang Gartner proved with Conscindo that deadly tracks don’t always need to be grimy. They can be clean, yet heavy and deeply rhythmic at the same time. That’s exactly what Slovenian duo El Sam & Dave Droid deliver in their track [...]
El Sam & Dave Droid - Giv Mi Mani 2k1 (Original Mix) [Netswork]
El Sam & Dave Droid - All I Need (Original Mix)
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