At just 20 years old, Rory Garton-Smith, aka Informant, uniquely and ever-so-articulately speaks through his bass-driven music in a manner well beyond his years. We got a glimpse of his style in one of our first episodes of the Heartbeat podcast, and today are proud to release his first official EP, Glowing Up. Seven tracks deep (5 [...]
Informant - First Harvest (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Osaka (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Millien (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Zero Crossing (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Aftertaste (Original Mix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Aftertaste (Riot Class Remix) [LessThan3]
Informant - Osaka (Cenix & Hivemynd Remix) [LessThan3]
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