If you’ve been into uplifting trance for a while, you’ll know that it’s the veterans who do it best. Steve Helstrip has been around for over 15 years and you can always guarantee his work as The Thrillseekers will bring something special, and his latest release This Is All We Have is probably his most special yet. Before you get into [...]
The Thrillseekers - This Is All We Have (Original Mix) [Adjusted]
There are certain names which are synonymous with the trance scene, either because of massive tracks they’ve produced, or the sheer longevity of their career. One name who firmly belongs in both categories is Steve Helstrip, better known as The Thrillseekerss. His latest release, When All Else Fails, is another fine example of his work. [...]
The Thrillseekers - When All Else Fails (Original Mix) [Adjusted]
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