Just last week, Zedd announced the winner of his Spectrum Remix Contest on Beatport, and it’s my punny friend Shreddie Mercury! As a way of thanks to his fans, Shreddie has decided to release a new song for free on his SoundCloud. Powerglove: Pt. 2 appropriately borrows from its name and features a blend of 8-bit sounds, Shreddie’s usual [...]
Shreddie Mercury - Powerglove: Pt. 2 (Original Mix)
Shreddie Mercury - Mount Cleverest (Original Mix) [SectionZ]
His name is Shreddie Mercury. Got you smiling right away, didn’t it? Think Mord Fustang fused together your favorite 8-bit video game. More than just a clever name, 22 year-old Jonathan Kane combines pounding electro basslines and blazing synths to energize dancefloors. His newest original creation and first major release is titled [...]
Shreddie Mercury - Balla Deen (Original Mix) [Big Mamas House]
Pendulum - The Island (Shreddie Mercury Remix)
Chromeo - Night By Night (Shreddie Mercury Remix)
If you’re a fan of Adventure Club’s dubstep, then you’re going to love their pal Draper from the UK. The up-and-coming producer is reaching out across the Atlantic with his latest self-titled EP full of shining melodies and satisfying basslines. If you’re like us and played video games growing up, you’ll love cheerful tracks like Triller [...]
Draper - Triller (Original Mix)
Draper - The Storm (Original Mix)
Strange Talk - Eskimo Boy (Draper Remix)
Fast Foot is every responsible parent’s worst nightmare of who their children grow up to be. Just like a malignant cancer, this Russian crew is spreading some seriously dirty electro house around the globe. Although they aren’t very well known in the west, this fact is beginning to change. Not only have they constructed an impressive [...]
Fast Foot - 8Bit World (Original Mix)
Fast Foot - Donate (Original Mix)
Caudill & Turnipseed - Detroit is Dead (Fast Foot Remix)