Step aside Nicky Romero and move over Tommy Trash! Make some room for the latest in fresh, rising talent; none other than DJ Pauly D! He’s one of the fastest growing EDM sensations, evidenced by recently being signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit. Of course we all recognize him from the irresistible hit TV show Jersey Shore, but he’s also a master [...]
DJ Pauly D feat Dash - Night Of My Life (Original Mix) [G-Note]
Once again I find myself writing up Marco V, a man who never ceases to amaze me with every track he puts out. I sleep on this guy for one second and back he comes slapping me in the face with his newest monster. Said monster is Essence, a new collaboration he did with Damian William that makes good use of syncopated snares, an [...]
Marco V & Damian William - Essence (Original Mix) [In Charge]
Marco V - Sticker (Original Mix) [TAO]
50 Cent feat Nicole Scherzinger - Right There (Marco V Remix)