French producer and turntable wizard 20syl is gearing up for the release of his Motifs Part II EP, and he’s given fans a little taste with a new original, Back & Forth. Known for his energetic, synth-heavy originals and remixes of everyone from Rihanna to Ed Sheeran, 20syl brings his funky style to Back & Forth. A complex and layered [...]
Whether or not you are a fan of much buzzed-about singer Ed Sheeran, there’s simply no denying the luscious sex appeal of 20syl’s (pictured) remix of his track Thinking Out Loud. 20syl’s version of the track is a complete transformation from the slow, guitar-laden original ballad, instead marked by a beat full of rolling bass. The [...]
Rihanna’s sweet and tender smash hit Stay got a fresh jolt of electricity from 20syl in his sensational remix of the track, a free download. French producer 20syl adds a funky keyboard melody to the song, speeding up the slow and steady tempo of the original to induce plenty of head-bobbing. RiRi’s flawless voice gets a boost from [...]
Rihanna - Stay (20syl You Can't Be Serious Remix)