Mar 27, 2015
Zya Ditty Turns Facebook IM Text Into A Song

Your dream of sounding like T-Pain has finally become a reality with Zya Music’s new app, Zya Ditty, which takes your Facebook Messenger text and converts it into auto-tuned conversation.

With Zya Ditty, users can convert any message up to 70 characters into conversation and set it to a few pre-selected popular songs. The result is a short 20-second clip that you can save to your phone and send to friends. The app timed its launch alongside Facebook’s announcement that it would be opening its Messenger platform to third-party developers.

Zya Music’s Dean Serletic explained to Wired the complicated technology behind the app.

“There’s an ingestion process where we study the melody of the song and the phrasing of the original melody versus what a user types in,” says Dean Serletic, head of licensing for Zya Music. “The syllable count could be entirely different. We’ve got to make that work somehow. Our team goes all the way back to classical music theory, how Bach and Mozart handled music composition, up to modern techniques like stutter techniques and things in pop culture.”

You can currently choose from 30 tracks within the app’s platform, but it is their hope to flood the catalog with 100 more songs in the next 90 days. You can hear a demo of what the auto-tuned conversation will sound like below.

Zya Ditty is available for free inside the iOS App Store and Google Play store now, and you can find more info about it at Zya Music’s website.

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