Dec 10, 2012
Zoooriginal Gangsters
Daisuke Tanabe - Wana (Original Mix) [Original Cultures]
Jealousguy - Hydra (Original Mix) [Original Cultures]
Daisuke Tanabe & Kid Kanevil - SGStep (Original Mix)

Italian-UK label Original Cultures is working to connect the musical dots between borders and overseas. Most recently, they teamed up with Japanese up-and-coming beatmakers Daisuke Tanabe (pictured) and Jealousguy to bring us Zoooriginals #1, a two-track compilation in conjunction with Zooo Print & Press. The release is available on vinyl only so head over to OC’s Bandcamp page to pick up the album while it’s still available.

Hailing from Tokyo, Daisuke kicks off the EP with Wana, a minimalistic, pseudo-trap hybrid reminiscent of the Friends Of Friends style hip hop that frequents the Indie Beats section of LessThan3. Hydra by Jealousguy takes a glitchier approach, merging funky guitar strums and video game arpeggios with a slap bass and steady rocking beat. Each song is intriguing on its own, but together, Zoooriginals is a special mix of Japanese experimentation and cross-cultural boundary hopping.

As an added bonus, check out SGStep, a track off Daisuke Tanabe’s recent collaboration with Kid Kanevil, affectionately dubbed Kidsuke.