May 02, 2014
Zomboy And Must Die! Are ‘Survivors’
Zomboy feat. Must Die! - Survivors (Original Mix) [Never Say Die]

Who knew the apocalypse could be this fun? Earlier this week, Joshua Jenkin, aka Zomboy, released Survivors, one of the tracks from his upcoming debut album, The Outbreak. It has a terrifying energy that paints him as a celebrator of violence, chaos, and horror, but also as someone who could make it sound fun enough to get listeners onboard with his imaginings.

Seemingly inspired by 28 Weeks Later, it opens with a menacing guitar line that you wouldn’t want to play for your kids before they go to bed at night, unless you put your children to sleep like Samuel L. Jackson. From there, it enters a full throttle buildup, with a sequencer made for trance, a dramatic drum roll, and a shocking prison alarm indicating that the undead have broken out of their quarantined area. Then the bloodbath begins–square waves rapidly stab and bite into your flesh, pausing briefly only for the frantic ramblings of some red-eyed demon pulling the strings–Zomboy himself perhaps?

You can grab Survivors for free on Zomboy’s Facebook, and The Outbreak will be released on Aug. 4. If you don’t think you’ll survive till then, there’s a teaser out for the album’s next single, WTF!?, and it’s no less electrifying. The full song will be released May 19.

It’s also likely that he’ll be playing a lot of his new songs on his upcoming tour with Cookie Monsta, TC, and Eptic that kicks off May 22. Check out the full list of dates on his website, and be sure to finish your copy of The Zombie Survival Guide as soon you can.

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