Apr 17, 2011
Zeds Alive, 1975
Zeds Dead - 1975 (Original Mix)
Radiohead - Pyramid Song (Zeds Dead Illuminati Remix)

The dead have awoken yet again to celebrate Zeds Dead’s new release entitled 1975, one of three new tracks released by the group in recent weeks. It’s obvious that the guys are experimenting with their sound and I certainly applaud them for doing so–it’s the only way to grow musically. This track in particular stands out from their previous releases with a very diverse set of sounds ranging from unaffected piano to old school vocal samples and dubsteppy wobbles. It’s also got a bit of that ’70s horror film vibe going for it.

Also included on this post is first track I ever heard by Zeds Dead, their remix of Radiohead’s Amnesiac classic, Pyramid Song. This should serve as a nice compliment to the other recent Radiohead-related coverage we posted, Evol Waves’ remix of Everything In Its Right Place. Enjoy!