May 19, 2015
Zedd Looking For Right Swipes On Tinder For ‘True Colors’

If you see the handsome Anton Zaslavski appear in your Tinder feed, don’t get too excited. The DJ/Producer known as Zedd is using Tinder to promote his new album True Colors, and likely not looking to Stay The Night.

Images of Zedd’s press shot used in a profile on the dating app Tinder began appearing on electronic music forums today.

zedd tinder true colors

If you give the artist a “right swipe,” meaning you’d be down to spark something off, he follows up with a link to buy the album.

zedd tinder true colors

And, of course, we have a few calls in on this topic… first caller, go ahead:

Oh, it’s you. Hi, Joel!

Thanks for that.

Pick up True Colors here.

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