Mar 17, 2014
Find Meaning In Zedd’s ‘Find You’ Video. We Dare You

Zedd’s dreamy piano-driven hit Find You was given the standard video treatment for his tracks these days–a few Zedd appearances on the piano keys, tons of running through nature, and lots of unanswered questions.

Matthew Koma (who brought his guitar, for some reason) and Miriam Bryant make appearances while crooning out the vocals as our leading lady moves seamlessly through time, space, and nightclubs featuring Bud Light Platinum. This b*tch is basically the Batman of blackbirds as she travels far and wide by foot, motorcycle, and more to find someone to make out with before the pursuing swarm pecks her to death, or something.

Turns out she was just tripping out from lack of oxygen while nearly drowning in the bathtub. What a twist. Remember, kids: Always bathe responsibly. Pick up the original here.

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