Sep 15, 2014
Zedd Details New Album, Talks Collaborations

Grammy Award-winning producer Zedd recently opened up to Billboard about when to expect his sophomore album and which big-name artists might be featured on it.

The Russian-German phenom has spent the last two years touring off his debut album, Clarity, and creating chart-smashing pop hits with artists like Ariana Grande. However, being one of the most coveted producers in the music industry hasn’t afforded Zedd much time to work on his own material.

A lot of people are asking, for sure, but I barely have enough time to finish my own stuff… For artists that ask me to produce for them, the rule is I have to love it. Sometimes, it happens that I’ll have made a great track that doesn’t quite fit my own album, so I open it up for other people to work with. I tell my A&R that if they have someone who might fit this song, I’m open to it. I’d always rather have someone else benefit from a song than throwing it away.

According to Zedd, he’s currently working away at his sophomore effort. Having written most of the tracks already, it’s the production process that is taking the most time.

I’ve written most of the songs but the production process is long for me – making them sound the way I want them to sound, finding the right vocalists, and so on.

Although nothing is set in stone, Zedd revealed details about possible collaborations for the album, including Hayley Williams, Muse, and Silverchair.

I talked to Hayley Williams about doing another song together and we definitely want to, it’s just a matter of finding the right one. Aside from that, I’d love to work with Muse and Silverchair, because I grew up in bands and they really inspired me.

Zedd is planning to take a break from the road for a while in order to finish the album, playing one-off gigs here and there. As for the album itself, Zedd hopes to complete the recording process by the end of year and get the album out in early 2015. According to Zedd, fans won’t have to wait until next year for new material though. He’s planning to release “a single or two” in the coming months.

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