Feb 12, 2012
ZD's Remixed Remix
Sebastian Tellier - Divine (Danger Remix) (Zeds Dead Re-remix)

Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, electro producer extraordinaire Danger, and dubstep bosses Zeds Dead all have something in common: each of them have worked on the synthpop anthem called Divine. Guy-Manuel originally produced the track for French artist Sebastien Tellier, but shortly after, it was handed over to the enigmatic Danger for a progressive electro remix. Danger, who is an incredibly talented avante-garde producer of electronica, gave the tune an almost futuristic feel with his remix, but still kept it on the electro-pop vibe. Almost four years later, Toronto-based dubsteppers Zeds Dead have given Danger’s remix of Divine a proper, up-to-date rework with all of the modulation and wobbles necessary for a sub-bass workout.

In its dubstep form, Divine has a much darker vibe, with more subfrequencies and variety of programming edits. Zeds Dead has also pushed the envelope on their usual glitch effects, giving this tune a multitude of sound effects not otherwise found in their brand of dub. Sebastien Tellier’s original vocal has been directly transplanted from the original, but gets a few stuttering effects. There really is only one problem with this remix: it’s too short! Otherwise, Divine is a superb track from a pair of superb producers. Get it free on Zeds Dead’s SoundCloud page.

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