Jul 12, 2012
Yuksek's Summer Single
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Original Mix) [Savoir Faire]
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Pelican Fly Remix) [Savoir Faire]
Yuksek - Off The Wall (Cubic Zirconia Remix) [Savoir Faire]

“Summer music” is a sound that has never really been defined, but it seems like everyone knows what the term means. The new Yuksek tune Off The Wall stands as the epitome of a chillin’ summer track, with agreeable male vocals and enough musicality to not be defined purely as a club track. The perfect tune for a fun-in-the-sun montage also lends itself to some really dope remixes, as relative newcomers Pelican Fly and Cubic Zirconia kill this track with creativity, bending it into styles and feelings.

Pelican Fly’s remix ends up in half time, combining the vocals from the original with a “whoa”-inducing synth that seems to blur dimensional lines as the song progresses. Cubic Zirconia’s take was my favorite of the lot, modernizing the beat with some ’80s flare. The melodies introduced around the 3-minute mark stand out to me as purely timeless. It’s definitely busier than the Pelican Fly remix, but the message is just as clear: get up and start dancing!

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