Aug 19, 2010
You've Got a Dirty Mind
Richard Vission & Static Revenger feat Luciana - I Like That (Original Mix)

Richard Vission is one of those artists. When he is on, he rips it to shreds. Probably most well known for his album Automatic, a super funky electro house funride, Vission has been delivering slammin’ bangers for quite some time now. Teaming up with Static Revenger on I Like That was definitely a good move, but it’s easy to see that Luciana was the one to brush this record with a gold casing. With that Uffie-like, “I want to take you home tonight….but just tonight because you’re obviously filthy” kind of vocal, you know guys and girls are gonna be gettin’ down and dirty to this track in clubs all over.

So who is this Luciana girl? Right off the bat, her MySpace page lists her name as “LUCIANA, Dirty Electro.” Needless to say I had absolutely no doubt as to whether I had arrived at the right page. Here’s a nice little excerpt for ya’ll:

“At the forefront of the electro nu-wave movement she pioneered a whole new sound that many sought to follow. Luciana’s fierce attitude and feisty in your face punk edged vocals has won her a legion of fans and critical acclaim from her musical peers including a prestigious Ivor Novello Award Nomination for her work on the UK No2 smash hit ‘Yeah Yeah’. Together with her exceptionally creative team of talented individuals over at Blah Blah Music, Luciana writes and produces innovative tracks and top lines for the record industry. Highly regarded also for their cutting edge photographic and video work and with a foot in the world of fashion, creating quirky pieces for the streetwise woman, Luciana and her crew occupy a unique position as vanguards of the underground music, art and fashion scenes.”

Can someone please introduce me to this woman?

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