Oct 23, 2015
YouTube Launches New Subscription Service, ‘YouTube Red’

YouTube is launching a premium subscription service designed to provide users with “the ultimate YouTube experience.”

Starting Oct. 28, the service, called YouTube Red, will be available for a monthly fee of $9.99 on Windows and Android devices, and $12.99 on iOS. Users will be able to watch ad-free videos, view videos offline, and listen to YouTube videos in the background on your mobile device, a feature that is sure to please everyone and has us wondering why this wasn’t included in the first place (now we know). Starting in January, a YouTube Red subscription will also offer users exclusive content, including series and full-length films.

With the move comes changes to YouTube’s revenue sharing deal with video creators. Any creator currently earning revenue from ads must agree to YouTube’s new revenue sharing contract, otherwise their videos will be hidden from the public. This contract only affects users making money off the service–casual users can still upload videos as they please.

For more information, check out YouTube’s official statement here.

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