May 07, 2011
You're Skrillin' Me
Skrillex - Disco Rangers
Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Skrillex Unfinished Remix)

A recent announcement by Sonny Moore (i.e. Skrillex) told us that while staying in Italy someone yanked a bunch of his equipment, including both laptops and hard drives. On one hand, it’s been confirmed that the phenom producer has lost countless hours of work and unfinished tracks, something that really must be crippling for a touring artist. On the other hand, the fact that this debacle has the entire world of EDM talking even further cements Skrillex as a face of modern EDM.

All you can do from a situation like this is hopefully learn from it and move on. His latest release, an original production by the name of Disco Rangers is a big step forward in all sorts of ways. We see Skrillex take a step away from his trademark roaring sound by bringing in some more melodic elements, like those seen in All I Ask Of You, a track from his last EP. The pacing and composition of the track here are pure Skrillex. The guy seamlessly transitions across breakbeat, electro, and dubstep at will, giving the listener one of the most adrenaline-filled four minutes in recent memory.

Although the majority of his work was completely lost with his hard drives, some of Skrillex’s material lived to see another day. Here is the unfinished version of his remix of Lady Gaga’s single Born This Way. The track is unfinished due to lost files.

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