Dec 15, 2014
‘You’re On’ With Madeon’s New Video + Alex Metric Remix
Madeon feat. Kyan - You're On (Alex Metric Remix)

Between multiple original releases, working with Yuksek on their side project called The Alexanders, and a busy tour schedule, Alex Metric (pictured) has somehow made time to add his remix prowess to Madeon’s latest single, You’re On.

The two artists have similar music styles, but Alex Metric takes this remix down a more traditional house route by switching focus to prominent piano chords and broken rhythms between lyric syllables. The sprawling vocal verses of the original have been taken out in favor of some impressively catchy rewind effects that pierce the rhythm at expertly timed moments.

Madeon also dropped the official video for the original today, which you can watch below. No further word as to an official release for the remix, but be sure to refer back to Alex Metric’s SoundCloud for more information.

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