Oct 01, 2010
Your Secret's Safe with Mr. Bayer
OceanLab - Secret (Andrew Bayer Remix) [Anjunabeats]

If you’re a fan of Anjunabeats, then you’re going to love this song. It comes from one of the label’s newer artists, Andrew Bayer. Bayer has been featured on Above & Beyond’s deep/prog label, Anjunadeep, as well as their newest masterwork Anjunabeats Vol. 8. I especially enjoyed Bayer’s melodic intro on disc one of the compilation, as well as his first Anjunabeats single Taxi Driver. But this time around, it wasn’t one of Bayer’s originals that caught my ear; rather, it was one of his remixes. The track is called Secret, and was originally produced by none other than Above & Beyond’s side group, OceanLab.

The track starts off as you would expect an OceanLab song to: soft, melodic, and audaciously beautiful. Now, it’s true that the song is beautiful, but it’s anything but soft; as for melodic, well I’ll let you be the judge of that. Beautifully haunting piano notes flow one after the other to create a nice introduction to the song. Soon after, Bayer drops the beat, which continues to build up to a sophisticated climax at 1:30, when the lyrics kick in. I must say, the usual heavenly sound of Justine Suissa’s voice is amazingly transformed into pure, sexual fire that clings to you and has you gasping for air. The lyrics continue in a steadfast progression through the course of the song, slowing down at 4:33 to let the listener catch their breath. This is where the signature OceanLab sound comes into play–it’s like electric light shining down onto a stunned crowd. Right then, Bayer drops the bass again to dazzling effect. This is track was definitely made for the arena. I could just imagine Above & Beyond or Armin playing this at that special slot in their set.

Andrew Bayer has made his mark on trance. With hits that have caught the eyes of the genre’s giants, he is sure to have a very promising career ahead of him. I for one am going to keep tabs on him, and hopefully after reading this you will too. Cheers.

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