Aug 17, 2010
You Don't Like Me?
Diplo feat Lil Jon - U Don't Like Me (Original Mix) [Mad Decent]
Diplo feat Lil Jon - U Don't Like Me (South Rakkas Crew Remix) [Mad Decent]

Who called this? That’s right, ladies and gents, it’s happened–a major hip-hop act has teamed up with a hot dubstep beat to get all of us jumping in the club.

Lil Jon, long-known to be the harbinger of hit genres to come, has joined forces with in-demand DJ/producer Diplo on U Don’t Like Me, an angrified, crunkified hip-hop/dubstep smash that will likely be the start of many well-choreographed “fights” on the dancefloor. Not to knock Diplo at all, as I have much love for him, but as you can probably hear, the South Rakkas Crew remix is really where it’s at–more hard-hitting rhythms combined with some entertaining electronic vocal interjections really bring this track from “smash” to “supersmash” status.

Remember that time when Lil Jon started rapping about Atlanta and the whole country followed suit? How about that time when he started yelling in Spanish on Pitbull’s records and all of a sudden everyone thought they were from south of the border? Get ready folks, because dubstep is about to ride in on the coattails of the King of Crunk.

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