Jul 05, 2010
Yeah, You Kinda Familiar…
Sinden & SBTRKT - Kind Of Familiar

Anyone out there around in 1998? Well I was, and at the time I was obsessed with R&B. I loved (and still do love) the smooth vocals and emotive lyricism used in the genre – sort of like why some people enjoy listening to vocal trance. Why am I talking about this? Because the track in this post samples perhaps the most popular R&B track of 1998 – The Boy Is Mine by Brandy & Monica.

Well, now it’s 2010, and Sinden of Switch & Sinden fame has teamed up with SBTRKT, a producer out of London who refuses to reveal his identity. He goes so far as to wear a mask when he performs in public to conceal himself (pic above). What you get when you combine these two producers is a song that is part dubstep wob, part drum’n’bass syncopation, part grind-y electro synth, all wrapped under a general London 2-Step sound. And of course, there is the Brandy & Monica sample that starts at 1:06.

I bet after reading this you have no idea what this track is going to sound like. Well honestly, neither would I, but after you listen, all of these genres I discussed combine to make something spectacular and downright groovy. And who doesn’t like a little ’90s nostalgia, anyway?

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