Apr 29, 2012
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XXXChange - Bounce (Jay Fay Remix) [T&A]
XXXChange - U Do The Math (Original Mix) [T&A]
XXXChange - Scrying Over You (Original Mix) [T&A]

If you follow dance music that is a bit off the beaten path, you might be aware of the massive amounts of talent leaking out of the Brooklyn borough of New York. Earlier this year we saw Shlohmo take a tranquil rise to the top with his Vacation EP, and it seems like XXXChange is the next bomber stepping up to the plate with his latest EP, Bounce.

XXXChange, aka Alex Epton, isn’t new to the music industry, with tracks produced for the likes of Amanda Blank, Kid Sister and The Kills, but producing your own EP and defining your own sound is a whole new ball game. XXXChange delivers on all fronts, giving us a selection of purely fun dance tracks that don’t necessarily fit into the scope of mainstage EDM.

U Do The Math is a pure jam, hitting you with a swervy bassline that the buildups before it don’t necessarily imply. Scrying Over You takes a bit of a prog/techno approach, dropping into the perfect track to dance your way to the front of the stage to. Regardless of tempo it seems XXXChange always brings that pleasant, funky vibe to his tracks. They might not club-killers, but who says they have to be if they get the whole room dancing?

Bounce also comes with a few sick remixes, with the offering from Jay Fay arguably being the highlight of the pack. His moombahton remix of the title track is short and sweet, but nothing about it should be taken lightly. This track bangs it out for its duration, offering a bit of club-smashing diversity to this eclectic EP. The release has a total of eight songs, so do yourself the favor and grab the whole darn thing over at Beatport. Also, check out XXXChange’s group project WIN WIN here, which includes a member of Spank Rock as well as DJ Ghost Dad.

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