Dec 07, 2014
Get ‘Through The Night’ With XO
XO feat. Leo Kalyan - Pulling Me Under [He Loves You Not]
XO feat. RobLaw - Through The Night [He Loves You Not]

As bonafide dance music becomes increasingly intermingled with various disparate genres, there are certain producers who tend to stand out in the ever-growing crowd of unclassifiable music. 19-year-old British producer/songwriter XO is definitely one of those producers.

The Through The Night EP features a distinct fusion of house, trip-hop, R&B, and electronica. Through The Night’s lyrics and melody practically qualify it as a musical aphrodisiac, while Pulling Me Under is deeply relatable on an emotional level. RobLaw and Leo Kalyan are both prime choices as vocalists, contributing an invaluable element of soul and sensation that most electronic tracks tend to lack. The two singles leave little room for categorization and certainly establish XO as a major breakout force in the upcoming year.

If you’re like me and XO’s music makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you can catch the EP on Beatport here and iTunes here via fresh UK label, He Loves You Not.

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