Dec 13, 2013
WTF? Yoko Ono Covers Daft Punk

In what is far and away the most original cover of Get Lucky we’ve pulled from this year’s neverending stream, the totally sane and grounded Yoko Ono offers an exclusive group a very (very) special rendition of Daft Punk’s massive single.

Now, even after years of study and research, scientists still aren’t sure whether or not Ono is aware of her surroundings or even consciously accepts living in our dimension. However, while her unfathomable creativity makes it tough to tell, it’s likely that while standing in front of the dozen faces scared sh*tless by her performance, she saw herself under the spotlight at the Intergalactic Music Goddess awards, at which she took home every single “Yoko” (the awards are called Yokos).

Alright… truth be told, this is a mashup (fake), but damn if it isn’t funny. What’s not fake, though, is the reaction on the man’s face, who then turns his camera-phone to his friend for a genuine reaction that cannot be falsified. Thanks to French culture site Topito for the upload. Check out more WTF? moments in music here.

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