Dec 18, 2013
WTF? Rob Ford Gets Plurnt In Public

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Hey, who gave that crackhead a suit?” Believe it or not, that fat, sweaty embarrassment to suits is the mayor of Toronto, at least for now.

Our latest WTF? moment comes from Toronto’s lovable, drug-loving mayor Rob Ford and his plurnt-up freak-out on live television this week. Now, this isn’t the first outburst from Toronto’s Mayor. Due to previous incidents, he’s been stripped of nearly all his powers, and rightfully so, given that when the council discusses the serious drug problem in Toronto, they’re really talking about Mayor Ford. But hey, it’s the Holiday season, and what says more about Christmas than a fat guy with a magic sack?

It would seem as if during this week’s city council meeting, Ford wouldn’t stay in timeout, so council members decided to coax him into burning off a little of that energy with his best Miley Cyrus impression.

Now in all fairness, we don’t know if we’d make good mayors, but we’d be willing to take a crack at it. After all, the highest office in the city goes to the highest man in the city, right?

Jimmy Kimmel stole the words right out of our mouths:

“At the end of the meeting the city council voted 37 to five to ask Mayor Ford to step down. The five council members who voted against were Rob Ford, his brother Doug, a crack dealer and two hookers.”

Watch the video below, and be sure to catch Rob Ford The Movie here as well.

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