Nov 05, 2013
WTF? Miley Flips Off Chuckie, Gets Kicked From VIP

In the next endlessly impressive display of maturity from the young pop stars clinging to EDM’s coattails, Miley Cyrus gave Chuckie a hand signal we’re pretty sure she didn’t learn on Hannah Montana. Seriously, Miley WTF?.

During a set at Create Nightclub in Hollywood, Chuckie commented, “somewhere in America, Miley is still twerking.” The childish child star did not like this one bit. She flipped Chuckie the finger in a most ladylike gesture, the moment being captured by someone on the scene and making it to Chuckie’s Facebook page early this morning.

Miley Cyrus Flips Off Chuckie

Apparently, Chuckie’s crew had Miley tossed out of VIP, for which Chuckie took the high road and apologized. We’re looking forward to the next outburst from the scared and disoriented pop stars desperately trying to look cool in the eyes of a market that has outgrown them, but we’re willing to bet it won’t be nearly as heinous as that purple wig–good God, Miley.

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