Mar 24, 2014
WTF!? MDMA Suspected To Relieve Tinnitus

Researchers in New Zealand hypothesize that tinnitus, a condition affecting DJs and partygoers that causes a constant ringing in the ear, could be alleviated by something similarly common in the club scene–MDMA. WTF? Really?

Mixmag reports via that scientists at the University of Auckland are hoping to begin studying the effects of the drug on tinnitus’ primary symptom as soon as May of this year. The theory arose after lecturers heard a convincing number of firsthand accounts from sufferers of the condition who said MDMA or ecstasy made the constant ringing go away. If trials are approved, tinnitus will join post-traumatic stress disorder as a condition suspected to be treatable with MDMA.

University of Auckland senior lecturer Grant Searchfield told Stuff that the condition is largely an enigma and this study could help the medical community better understand the causes and how to approach it.

“Often people with tinnitus will say that ‘I do this’ or ‘I do that’ and it makes my tinnitus better or worse but because we have heard the same story from a number of people, we are beginning to see a pattern and we need to work out what that is.”

MDMA likely won’t ever be prescribed for tinnitus outright of course, but research could lead to new types of medication and remedies for the chronic condition.

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