Oct 14, 2013
WTF? Justin Bieber Storms DJ Booth, Demands Hip Hop

Today’s WTF? moment comes from Justin Bieber and the hissy fit he threw in a South Korea nightclub when DJ Michael Woods wouldn’t play his request.

Apparently, when Woods refused Bieber’s requests for hip hop, Bieber stormed into his booth bringing with him tons of security and no shirt, and according to Woods, things got physical. With such a permanent position in the spotlight and such little patience shown him by the electronic music community, it seems like Bieber made a series of bad decisions that may have been blown out of proportion, but it’s nonetheless extremely funny. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

So things apparently started harmless, but turns out Bieber wasn’t a fan of Woods’ selections.

But uh-oh… Biebs! That’s not entirely appropriate… maybe he’ll turn things around and show some poise in the limelight.

What? No! That’s… aw, Beibs… that’s borderline unprofessional, little buddy. The claim of a physical altercation is disputed, however, as other witnesses on the scene reported no punches being thrown.

Justin Bieber hasn’t publicly commented on the situation, but deadmau5 and Chuckie have each taken their turns chiming in at the Canadian pop star, with deadmau5 criticizing his maturity level and inability to wear a shirt.

It’s not likely that bad, but it’s funny.

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