Feb 28, 2014
WTF? UK Reality Star Joey Essex Joins The Celebrity DJ Crowd

Being a professional DJ–It’s the dream job, isn’t it? Something kids aspire to–standing on that stage, playing your favourite music while thousands, if not millions of fans treat you like a god. Well, it’s no surprise that such levels of fame and recognition also chime strongly with a certain section of celebrity culture. With Paris Hilton and Jersey Shore’s Pauly D already causing, shall we say, reaction, among the EDM scene with their own “careers,” their UK compatriots are now in on the act, with reality king Joey Essex now hitting the decks.

For those unaware, Joey Essex is famous in the UK for, well, being on TV. Much like the Kardashians, the stars of Jersey Shore, or even Miss Hilton herself, Essex is pretty much famous simply for being famous. First appearing on almost unbelievable “reality” show The Only Way Is Essex–named for the county rather than the man himself–Joey is now trying his hand on the decks. Or rather, he’s releasing a compilation album of big-name club hits. While it should keep his substantial fan base happy, it’s almost a given that strong opinion and comment will be raised across social networks. But while the usual fears will no doubt be raised about the way the “scene” is headed, I’m sure the likes of Sasha won’t be losing any sleep over this, and if it turns some fans onto “proper” dance music, then surely it can only be seen as a good thing.

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