Jun 18, 2014
WTF!? This Guy Made A Big Room Track With His Dick. Literally.
Bong Iguana - making big room out of the sound of a dick hitting a toilet seat [SectionZ]

If you’ve ever listened to a smash-hit big room track and said, “man, I could make better music while playing with my dick,” here’s your chance to prove it.

UK producer Bong Iguana recently emerged from the lavat…err, laboratory with proof of this claim culled from super-scientific experiments in slapping his member on the toilet seat. The end result, sadly, wouldn’t sound out of place on main stages and in the big room charts (listen above).

In fact, SectionZ Records and Bong Iguana are looking to take a handful of productions in the “dick room house” vein and slip them tenderly into the charts with the Dick Room EP. Bong Iguana has offered up samples of his penis (no, not like that) and challenges producers similarly disenchanted with big room, fascinated with phalluses, or both, to remix his dick room track for a chance at $1,000 and a slot on the Dick Room EP, forthcoming on SectionZ.

Submissions must be in by July 1, and winners will be announced July 15. Read the complete contest rules and download the samples here.

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