Oct 22, 2013
WTF? Google Tries To Patent Heart-In-Hand Gesture

Our next WTF? moment goes out to Google for their first attempted monopoly that had nothing to do with tech… until they tried to patent it.

InTheMix reports that a patent filed by Google in 2011 aims to give them rights over “hand gestures to signify what’s important,” namely the “heart-in-hands” gesture we’re so fond of in the EDM world, to tell Google Glass you like/love something in your field of vision.

google glass

Now, it’s highly unlikely that the tech behemoth will come out successful in their efforts, if they haven’t given up already, and moreover, we can’t even imagine a world in which this kind of patent was enforceable.

“We’d put our thumbs down to express our disapproval, but we’re afraid that Google might have secretly patented that as well.”

Nice one, ITM. In fact, according to the documentation, Google is attempting to also patent other hand gestures, like forming a right angle with the thumb and first finger for video, a “closed-loop” circle with finger for photos, and more. Essentially, Google is not trying to patent the hand gestures as an act themselves, which would be silly, rather trying to establish exclusive rights to integrate such gestures into a wearable computing device, which might include a HMD (head-mounted display) device, such as Glass.

armin van buuren heart hands

Well, get your hearts up in the air and out of your system now, because given what we know about electronic music culture, this fad will be beaten past death before Google can get Glass onto one of our DJs… oops, nevermind. Well, it was born on the border of cheesy anyway, and we doubt that any of us will miss it as it leaves the sub-cultural in-the-know and ascends to the level of the “thumbs-up” or “OK” hand gestures used only by parents of fans of the hand-in-heart.

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