Dec 02, 2013
9 Things To Buy With $50k Instead Of VIP At LIV For Tiesto

Now, this isn’t our first NYE rodeo, and we’re familiar with elevated prices on this exceptional night of nights, but LIV Miami’s pricing sheet for their NYE party with Tiesto threw us clear off our bulls (chairs).

Let’s begin with general admission, which is $600 if you plan on bringing in a penis. If you’re packing no such body part, it’s only $400. From here, it reads a bit more like the prize ladder in Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Beginning from the bottom, we’ve got $5k VIP tables accommodating six people, which increase in price along with capacity and location through 10 tiers all the way up to the grand prize of a 15-person table on the dance floor for… no joke… $50,000.

LIV NYE Tiesto

Although there’s no doubt in our minds that some “lucky” individual will shell out the $50k to win this round of “Who Wants To Show People They’re A Millionaire,” we decided to offer anyone on the fence a few alternatives for their 50 large. Here are just a few things that money could buy:

BMW 5 series


A house


14K Solid White Gold Diamond Engagement Ring (10.65 Ctw)


One year of tuition at a top-tier private university


Feed 1,000 impoverished children for a year (info here)

hungry kids

Own a large jungle cat

and support it for its foreseeable lifetime



(with enough leftover for a reasonably priced bobcat to guard it)


50,000 items at a dollar store

(maybe just buy the whole store?)

dollar store

Save Average Joe’s Gymnasium