Dec 31, 2013
WTF!? Glow-In-The-Dark Pigs A Reality

Looking for something to really make you stand out this New Year’s Eve? Swap out that yappy rat-dog for a glow-in-the-dark pig, rookie!

Yes, you heard us correctly. In the pursuit of human genetics knowledge, scientists in Southern China are experimenting with injecting pig embryos with fluorescent jellyfish DNA, making them glow green under blacklight.

Made possible with technology developed by reproductive scientists at the University of Hawaii, this technique “could be instrumental in creating more cost-efficient and effective treatments for disorders like hemophilia,” according to Time. Apparently, the affected pigs have the same life expectancy of normal ones, and Turkish scientists have had similar success with bunnies, with glowing sheep on the way as well, which begs the question: can we get some g*ddamn glowing bacon already? Please tell us this effect outlives the animal… and the skillet.

At any rate, you’d better hope Louis Vuitton intended that dog purse to double as a pig purse, because guess what? We’re filling that overpriced thing with as many bioluminescent Babes as we can cram in there. Read the full story here, and tell the world to watch out, because you and your glowing pig are turning heads on NYE.

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