Mar 25, 2014
WTF!? DJ Attacked Over Track Selection At Irish Pub

A Wisconsin birthday celebration ended with smashed DJ gear and the party organizer fleeing the scene March 23 when the track selection caused her to charge the booth with fists flying. reports that the 32-year-old DJ hired to play the organizer’s friend’s 30th birthday at an Irish pub doesn’t know what set her off, but just before smashing his laptop, headphones, and microphone, she was yelling about the song selection.

Madison police spokesman Joel DeSpain said in a news release that her rage didn’t end there.

“Partygoers were able to pull her away from the DJ’s table after the equipment was damaged, but she broke free and rushed the DJ, punching and scratching him on the face.”

After being pulled away a second time, she grabbed a glass and threw it at the DJ’s head, who ducked as it smashed through a window behind him. She then fled the scene and now faces multiple charges when found. Apparently, the birthday boy made time to box up his uneaten cake as guests apologized to the DJ while he dialed 911. No word on the actual track selections, unfortunately.

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