Jan 03, 2014
WTF!? Daft Punk Proved Less Than Honest By Homemade YouTube Video

One More Time is easily one of the most recognizable tracks not only within the realm of Daft Punk, but in all of house music. After it was released in 2000, Thomas Bangalter claimed it had no samples. However, some years later, InTheMix reported that a fan site brought his sample-free claim to question.

Thanks to YouTube, in 2013, we’re given the chance to see this argument put to the test. Sploid found a video by a sound engineer and producer going by Sadowick who has taken to his EDM tutorial channel to show the world that Daft Punk probably isn’t telling the truth about their use of samples in One More Time.

In the video below, Sadowick calmly walks through the steps needed to make the sounds Daft Punk alleges are non-sampled from One More Time using nothing but Eddie Johns’ More Spell On You. After watching, it’s pretty undeniable that this was a product of sampling, and this is not the first time claim has been so scientifically challenged.

Although sampling has served as the lifeblood of house music since its inception in the late ’80s, artists have traditionally been forthcoming with their sampled sources and given credit where credit is due. A similar situation transpired over the release of Robot Rock, which took fans little time to realize was almost entirely transplanted from 1980 tune Breakwater called Release The Beast, save for the “robot rock” vocals.

As Sadowick points out in the video, this is one of the most famous samples the house music world has ever known, and it’s about time Eddie Johns got some props for the catchiest part of the biggest Daft Punk song ever “written.”

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