Oct 10, 2013
WTF? Card Shark Accused Of Stiffing deadmau5 on $200K Song Request

Today’s WTF? comes from a famous Las Vegas blackjack player who is apparently holding out on deadmau5 for a $200K request he made of the DJ during a set at the XS Nightclub in 2011.

Requests are not usually considered polite at world-class DJ sets, but one Mr. Don Johnson, who once won $5.8 million in one night at the blackjack table, thought it appropriate to offer deadmau5 $200K to play Bon Jovi’s Living On A Prayer during his set Feb. 21, 2011.

Above, you’ll see the incident in which the mau5 drops the Bon Jovi tune as agreed while the awkward-looking Johnson dances on stage in front of the words “Don Motherf*cking Johnson” on the video screen.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Johnson, however, was less than willing to hand over his obligation when it came time. After the show, deadmau5′ manager, also named Joel Zimmerman of the LA talent agency William Morris Endeavor, accompanied XS co-owner Jesse Waits to collect the $200K from Johnson, who was seated at a high-stakes blackjack table and “appeared to be losing a lot of money.” When they asked about the 200 large, “Johnson screamed at Waits and refused to pay. After Johnson’s security approached the table, Zimmerman and Waits left Johnson’s hotel empty-handed,” according to court papers filed by WME in the resulting lawsuit.

After having the debt covered mostly by WME to avoid upsetting deadmau5, Zimmerman, WME, and Waits engaged in a legal back-and-forth involving oral contracts and counterclaims until having since arrived at a “tentative settlement” that is still being finalized.

Read THR’s thorough analysis here, and remember: no requests, please.