Feb 24, 2014
WTF? Basshunter Trainwrecks NYC Set

With over 3 million Facebook fans and a slew of hit records, including Now You’re Gone and All I Ever Wanted, Swedish singer/songwriter/DJ Basshunter hardly needs an introduction. What he might need, however, is a lesson in manners, and a few days away from the bottle.

Basshunter performed in New York Feb. 22 alongside Luminox, Ookay, ZAXX, and more in what was to be the start of his US takeover tour. While no one at LessThan3 was in attendance, perhaps that was a good thing. From what we’ve gathered, Basshunter was more than “a little” drunk, and his performance and attitude were not exactly on par with his status as a world-renowned DJ. Check out the tweets below and judge for yourself.

But wait, it gets worse. Check out some videos taken from the event. Know your limits, especially when you’re in stage in front of thousands of people. All we can say is, WTF?

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