Sep 16, 2014
Bitten By Worthy’s ‘Golden Fang’
Worthy - Golden Fang (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]
Worthy - The MZ (Original Mix) [Trouble & Bass]

San Francisco’s Worthy bounces from his dirtybird nest in the Bay over to Brooklyn and the buds at Trouble & Bass for a blend of bassy G house and his trademark booty-tech in the Golden Fang EP.

Aptly named, Golden Fang is both stylishly gangster and deadly-infectious. It’s a slow cruise through SF with the West Coast’s king of ghetto-tech, grooving with his soggy basslines and urban-inspired sound environments. The title track takes us from the tranquil coast and its bright piano chords to the low-rumbling ghetto–until Worthy smashes the low rider into a storefront full of artisan birdcages in B-side track The MZ. All manner of expensive, imported birds cling to Worthy’s quirky, asymmetrical beat chirping excitedly at the smoke-filled ’61 Impala that just crashed through their window–a welcomed addition to the more conventional vibes of the title track.

All in all, Golden Fang is a delightful romp through the hyphier side of house music he and his dirtybird flock do so well, and it’s pleasing to see it getting love from such an influential East Coast imprint.

Pick up the Golden Fang EP here from Trouble & Bass.

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