Sep 27, 2013
Worst DJ Ever Gets A Tosh.0 Web Redemption

TV’s sweetheart of sarcasm and host of humiliation Daniel Tosh holds no topic sacred from his comedic commentary, and DJing is no different.

In a recent version of his Web Redemption series, Tosh invites DJ KiddLuke on to the show, allowing him and his writing staff to declare open season on some of the more laughable stereotypes held by DJs and the electronic music world.

The 17-year-old Luke is a good sport about the teasing, which is the only way to handle Daniel and his extremely well prepared list of slams: play dead. But mad credit goes to DJ KiddLuke for having the stones to voluntarily bring up his scale of turned-upness in conversation. That’s simply asking for it. Tosh.0 turns Luke’s now-famous basement into a nightclub, and he gets his redemptive moment.

Watch the clip below, and follow Daniel here.