May 14, 2011
Work For Me
Joe Brunning - Now Let Me See You Work (Original Mix) [Bush]

In a now infamous moment (seen below), house/techno god Carl Cox dropped a little record called Now Let Me See You Work on an unsuspecting crowd of Ultra festival-goers, and they went wild. At the time not many knew who the artist was that made the track, but turns out it’s Australian up-and-comer Joe Brunning. Now the track is about to be released on Bush Records, and I’m pretty sure everyone who was there (and everyone who heard about it) couldn’t be more excited to get their hands on this track.

Now Let Me See You Work is a Detroit-esque raw house/techno banger that is guaranteed to get your feet moving. The most memorable (and murderous) moments of the track are the countdown from 10-1 sampled from 90s R&B classic Uhh Ahh by Boyz II Men that immediately explodes back into the track with hurricane-like force. Ain’t no venue big enough to hold this track.

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