Nov 21, 2013
Wookie Remixes Disclosure’s ‘Voices’ For Next Single

Continuing their domination of 2013 right up to the end, Disclosure is preparing their next single, Voices, and UK legend Wookie is first to the party with his smooth garage remix.

Being one of the early faces of UK garage, Wookie is a forerunner of many of Disclosure’s techniques and a fitting choice to include in the duo’s forthcoming single package. Wookie treads lightly across the existing beat and passionate vocals of Sasha Keable in Voices, off Disclosure’s monumental debut album, but injects a few elements of his own. Wookie introduces a new piano melody in lieu of the brothers’ warped synth lead, augmenting the percussion hits and affording more space for Keable’s verses.

Check back soon for more news from the brothers and their upcoming Voices single.

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