Apr 13, 2011
Woods' New Prodigy
Clashback - Outset (Michael Woods Remix) [Diffused]
Clashback - Outset (Original Mix) [Diffused]
Clashback - Papercat (Original Mix) [Diffused]

After Ultra, I had little doubt that Michael Woods is one of the hottest producers around right now, and hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before we see the man himself appear in the States. Woods’ tracks were featured regularly across the different stages of Ultra, including fun mashups by Avicii and Kaskade.

Now, Woods is expanding his sound by incorporating new artists onto his Diffused label. The latest release on Diffused is an EP, Outset, by new Estonian talent Clashback. Like Woods’ tracks, Clashback’s Outset has a great hands-in-the-air festival feel to it. Woods’ remix improves upon the original with his deadly trademark tech beats and steady buildups. The EP also includes Clashback original Papercat, which is more subdued and less “Avicii-esque,” but still a quality piece of work. Keep your eyes peeled as Woods continues to expand his talent network.

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