Feb 08, 2013
Wolfwolf & Alianah Get You High
Wolfwolf - High feat. Alianah (Original Mix) [Nurvous]
Wolfwolf - High feat. Alianah (Lee M Kelsall Remix) [Nurvous]
Wolfwolf - High feat. Alianah (Vanilla Remix) [Nurvous]

Attention indie dance fanatics: Wolfwolf is on the hunt, and it only took a few attention-grabbing claps from Alianah to know this was going to be a track to remember. These two musicians from Brisbane, Australia have recently landed a release on a sister label of Nervous Records with their track titled High. The cleverly named Nurvous Records is a well-known haven of indie & nu disco releases from the likes of Volta Bureau, Maxxi Soundsystem, Cassian & many more. Stitched together with 3 remixes, this release twists & bends the original idea into more ways to bring you higher.

The original mix contains a distinct & powerful clap that shines throughout the mix. The bassline is intensely catchy and works well with the vocals of Alianah, along with a few strums of an electric guitar to add a momentary funk element. Lee M Kelsall incorporates a bit more percussion & distinctive vocal chops to drive his mix in a deeper house direction, and the remix by Vanilla is a fantastic reconstruction with a similar bass yet a different melody. Beautiful ascending notes dance throughout the track and keep it sounding full. Bronx also adds some piano work to his take on the original to round the EP off nicely. This release is now available on Beatport for your listening pleasure.

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