May 13, 2012
Wolfgang Gartner's New Banger
Wolfgang Gartner - Redline (Original Mix) [Ultra]

If you followed my post on Wolfgang Gartner’s last album Weekend In America, then you’re probably just begging for more. Well, wait no longer. The electro frontman has just announced that he’ll be releasing one new single every month for a year for his fans. It’s certainly a smart move; releasing frequent singles keeps your name at the forefront of the fast-paced market that is EDM.

His first monthly release, Redline (official video below), is a progressive banger that lives in the realm of his last major single There & Back. It’s got the candy-house goodness that was Levels cast in Wolfgang’s own light. Although there is no word yet on how the other tracks are going to sound, this first one hopefully is a very good indication of the quality that Wolfgang is going to bring to the table.

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